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hey guys drew here and I think just Im thinking we should get some new people on this blog well some people that are actually still hanging around because its gonna be me and u for quite a while cause dog already quit and I guess tbb and shaq are gone too so I mean idk maybe aytan or some other ppl like that that actually post….. just an opinion for the future of this blog

that will be all peace from drew

btw 101th post



yes the title explains it all my 100th post on action allstars rating news and its been a fun run for me on this blog actually the 2nd on this blog (behind the creator coolgirl so ya here were some of the subjects I posted on here during the 100 hundred…..



AAS college basketball

AA Magazine ( later a website me and tbb owned)

Athlete Versus

DTTAT’S IMPORTANT ANNOUCHMENT (the caps age of drew)

(the most I did) guess the athlete


NCAA bracketologist dttat

and Mystery Person

oh my goodness that’s a lot ever since last October I think this blog has been goin either then or the October before that but anyway my point its been along time coming so thank you cool girl for putting me on this awesome blog in the first place hopefully we can get everybody back and start working back up again….well that’s all I guess peace from drew

True story bro…- Messin with gym teachers

Whats up guyzzz its coolgirl1235 here!me me meand today im going to be starting a new thing called True story Bro..True story broits a thing where i tell experiences ive had with diffrent topic u can comment a request 😉 but anyways heres a fresh start…Gym teachers! wow me and my friends mess with them a lot theirs usually that one ok gym teacher the rest just plain suck!…i remember my gym teacher a couple years ago he got mad really fast and everybody would mess with them…one day they were giving out rewards for student of the year and one kid won nobody really knew him..but we just started screaming and yelling clapping off que making disgusting noises..(u kno what i mean) and just getting this teacher so mad he yelled this is y u guys r THE WORST CLASS! and then we shouted thank you!…we went to the hallway for the rest of gym and almost went to the were so mean. anyways i remember we were doing are fitness testing and we had to take off our shoes to measure are flexiblty one kid thro a shoe at him he got super pissed and started screaming then said im not going to do this anymore! ha my experiences with gym teachers tell me urs in the comments! siked to here them later…Dont fuck with ur gym teacher..They get pissed! lolimage

Spurs vs. Heat game 2 predictions

hey guys drew here with projections for the NBA finals game 2.

I predict that the spurs will win again because Parker and Manu will run over Dwayne and Mario combining for 53 points I think the heat will have a better offensive performance but Bosh will not come up big Dwayne may get 20. but the main reason for the heat’s loss will actually be the king James. I have a feeling that one game in this series Lebron will screw up and this will be the game. Turnovers and bad shots. I’m not saying the heat are going to get spanked but the Spurs will be all over any turnovers or mistakes or any thing the heat may do wrong

projected score
San Antonio: 98

Heat : 91
maybe a little more or a little less from the Heat but I Project….. 2-0 lead Spurs

Food Battle!

Whats up guyz its coolgirl1235 here!me me meand welcome to Food battle! woah I am so rusty dusty! Yes im bringing it back. Just something fun to do in my spare time.Alright Ladys and gentle fish! heres are 2 match ups!Weighing in at 50 Pounds! Jar of PicklesPICKLES!vs. Weighing in at a heep of 70 pounds of deliciousness WAFFLES!wafflesWow ive got good ones! ;D NOw who’s better? Waffles or Pickles U tell me?

thank u guyz very much toon in next week! Later.Cool

Spurs! winners!

I know i’m one day late..Oh well! Hey guys its coolgirl1235 here!me me meI remember i wore that outfit for like a month straight (Cray-Cray) Well the Spurs won! HELL YEAH! I know the heat wasnt going to pull it out with Tony Parker and Tim Duncan I kinda predicted it and hoped for it! (a lot!) So yay! I will never like heat for 2 reasons! 1. Their overated 2. I wish that they didnt have so much good people on that team their all talented great players i just dont think that they should all be playing on the team well thats all are Coolgirl News! Later Athletes stay tuned in i will be getting more people too post!mICROSOFT!OUTTY

Were back

Hey guys what’s going on cool and I have decides to bring the blog back (well she did I just agreed) so ya some new stuff will be going around some MLB and NFL news from me and hopefully everyone else can come back to anyway bye!!!
Peace from drew